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Case Study: Beaumont Health System Automates CMS Reporting, Provides Safer Care

Beaumont Health System found a solution to automate the creation and submitting of government-mandated reports on hospital-acquired infections from its Epic EHR. In the process, their solution also lead to improved patient safety and better responsiveness to the healthcare needs of its community. Read the case study to learn how.

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Provider Alignment is Imperative for Reducing Network Leakage

Health systems, especially accountable care organizations (ACOs) must retain patients throughout their continuum of care. Losing patients to competing providers (network leakage) results in revenue losses for the system. Reducing network leakage and improving the bottom line come from physician engagement, effective communication between leadership and providers, and consensus in care strategy.

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Enabling Better Patient Care Through Mobility

Insights for Healthcare Organizations Looking to Improve Patient Outcomes

The digitization of data has empowered both healthcare providers and patients to improve how, when and where healthcare is administered, giving patients greater control over their personal health and well-being. The promise of delivering real-time communication, increased collaboration, and cost efficiencies is already being realized. From electronic health records (EHRs) and picture archive and communications systems (PACS) to remote diagnostics and patient-centered apps, vast amounts of data are being generated, analyzed and used to improve the quality of patient care. But how is that data accessed, managed and shared to help provide more personalized and consistent patient care?

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Electronic Monitoring Systems-The Next Generation Approach to Monitoring Hand Hygiene Compliance

Measuring hand hygiene compliance is fundamental to demonstrating improvement, and providing healthcare workers (HCWs) with timely feedback regarding their performance is a critical element of an effective hand hygiene program. There are currently challenges to providing timely feedback, but technologies are beginning to emerge that can help healthcare facilities change the way hand hygiene compliance is measured and enable them to devote less time to direct observation. In this whitepaper, we discuss the challenges and limitations of direct observation, the "gold standard" of hand hygiene compliance measurement, and provide an overview of electronic compliance monitoring system technologies, and factors to consider when evaluating these systems.

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A Healthy Solution for El Camino Hospital: Case Study

The Accounts Payable team of El Camino Hospital was looking for a robust and reliable technology that could provide greater benefits and growth opportunities than their existing payment solution. After reviewing a number of options, El Camino chose American Express' Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) solution, which provided streamlined technology that could be easily implemented and could scale as the company grew. In two years, El Camino grew from processing $8 million electronically with eight suppliers to processing approximately $30 million annually with around 100 suppliers.

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Strategies and Solutions for Infection Prevention Leaders

GOJO Industries hosted a panel of infection prevention and healthcare quality thought leaders to discuss strategies for reducing infection rates related to hand hygiene compliance, including the review a study conducted using GOJO SMARTLINK electronic compliance monitoring program. The following whitepaper is a synopsis of the discussion.

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Point-of-Care Pulmonary Function Testing Helps Prevent Readmissions, Saves Space and Eliminates Transport Hassles

Increasingly, diagnostic testing is moving to the point-of-care. Pulmonary function tests that were once performed only in full-service hospital PFT labs are now being done in less than 20 minutes in physician offices and at the patient bedside, thanks to the development of highly sophisticated and accurate mobile devices. ndd Medical's EasyOne Pro ®, a compact 12-inch portable device that rivals the functionality of a PFT lab, is helping to prevent COPD readmissions, increasing patient satisfaction and convenience, saving highly valuable clinical space, and eliminating the problems inherent in transporting patients to distant labs.

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Supporting Improved Efficiencies and Cash Flow at an Integrated Health System

A major integrated health system in the Northeast was growing rapidly and in need of a payment solution to reduce the amount of paper and checks processed and help bring efficiencies to their cash flow management, as well as improve vendor relationships. After reviewing several options, they chose American Express' Buyer Initiated Program (BIP), which integrated smoothly with their existing ERP system and enabled them to expand electronic payments to vendors. Now they can pay suppliers earlier while maintaining Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and enjoy incentives provided by the American Express rebate program. The utilization of American Express BIP (Buyer Initiated Payment) enables an organization to extend DPO (Days Payable Outstanding) by up to 14 days, while managing DCOH (Days Cash on Hand)* Disclosure: * The number of days by which your DPO is extended will depend on when during your American Express Card billing cycle you charge a transaction to a supplier. The date the transaction is posted to your account, and the date you pay the amounts due on your American Express billing statement will determine the number of days you extend which may be less than 14 days.

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Forging a Path to a True Legal Health Record

by Darice Grzybowski, MA, RHIA, FAHIMA Sponsored by ChartMaxx

Today's hospital records management challenges reflect a system in transition. Because information creation, storage, and use still are decentralized across many applications, careful thought must be given to how to approach it across organizations. In this white paper, "Forging a Path to a True Legal Health Record," Darice Grzybowski, MA, RHIA, FAHIMA, President of H.I.Mentors, LLC and best practice HIM consultant, provides insight into the history, challenges and guidance for establishing effective policies on with the long-term, secure preservation of information as a priority. She reveals how a mature EDMS solution provides a stable foundation and workflow support for a complete, reliable, accessible and accurate Legal Health Record.

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Digital Edition

ICD-10 digital edition

ICD-10: New Date, New Opportunities

With the new date of Oct. 1, 2015, find out the best strategies and tips on how to approach the delay.




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