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Provider Alignment is Imperative for Reducing Network Leakage

Health systems, especially accountable care organizations (ACOs) must retain patients throughout their continuum of care. Meeting every operational efficiency metric goal is not enough to reduce leakage - the level of change needed to reduce care variation and retain patients in the network is too large. Learn how true provider alignment and its resulting financial benefits can minimize leakage and the elements you'll need in a successful alignment process.

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Selecting the Right Order Set Solution: 15 Questions You Need to Ask Your Vendor

Order sets bring together established clinical protocols, proven best practices and medical content to guide the care process. By streamlining the delivery of standardized care, they can improve patient safety, outcomes, clinician performance and regulatory compliance. As you conduct your search for the right order set solution, make sure you ask the questions that will ensure the one you select will meet your organization's long-term goals and the needs of your clinicians.

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The Financial Case for EHR/RCM Integration: The Power of Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Management

Most discussions of "data liquidity" in health IT focus on the ability to share data across the healthcare delivery system for better care coordination. At the individual provider organization level - and especially in the face of the transition to ICD-10 - there's much to gain by realizing data liquidity among mission-critical systems. By integrating EHR and RCM systems, provider organizations can realize tremendous gains in financial performance.

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Taking OR Performance from Unacceptable to Unbeatable in Less Than 12 Months

Strong surgery department performance is critical to creating a sustainable hospital business model. Unfortunately, most ORs struggle with a "negative performance cascade"-a chain of efficiency, cost and physician satisfaction problems that ends in poor financial outcomes. This white paper report shows how Memorial Regional Hospital in Florida engineered a one-year OR turnaround that increased net margin by $3 million.

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