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Enhancing the Provider/Patient Encounter to Optimize Payer Revenue.

To make risk adjustment and revenue management possible, the right tools need to be delivered to providers and care teams. Payers need to ensure that accurate coding and documentation is maintained to track revenues and reimburse physicians for cost-effective and high-quality care. A comprehensive prospective health assessment program helps providers diagnose and code accurately, patients receive better care, and payers engage providers and patients to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes.

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Read, Hear, See, Do and Then Analyze

Automated situational awareness provides an effective risk management formula. If you can read, hear and see what's happening around your health care facility through detailed alerts, then you can do something about it. Real-time and historical reporting then lets you analyze response times and protocols to identify problem areas. Learn more about automated situational awareness and how it provides the most effective formula for risk management.

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The Financial Case for EHR/RCM Integration: The Power of Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Management

Most discussions of "data liquidity" in health IT focus on the ability to share data across the healthcare delivery system for better care coordination. At the individual provider organization level - and especially in the face of the transition to ICD-10 - there's much to gain by realizing data liquidity among mission-critical systems. By integrating EHR and RCM systems, provider organizations can realize tremendous gains in financial performance.

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What's the right population health management approach for your organization?

In this white paper, you'll get a working definition of population health and learn why it's more important now than ever before. Plus, you'll gain insight into the 12 criteria that every health system should consider when evaluating population health management companies for success today and into the future.

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What You Need to Know in Replacing an EHR

This white paper will discuss the emerging trends within the second-generation electronic health record (EHR) buyer market. The paper identifies why organizations are replacing their systems and offers considerations for when and how to replace an existing electronic medical record system, including best practices for evaluating and selecting a trusted EHR partner.

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Turning the ICD-10 Transition Challenge into an Operational Advantage

Rather than seeing the industry's transition to ICD-10 as a burden, providers may be missing an opportunity to "accentuate the positive" and use the transition to improve their organization's performance under the new coding system.

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